Art Déco turns into fashion this summer 2016 !

Spring is already here, flowers, light days and sun are coming too ! Happiness for everyone ! In fashion, spring means also new trends and changing dressing and clothes to finally adopt summer and light clothes. Today, I wanted to share with you the latest 2016 Spring-Summer collection from the English brand DAKS that I really love. I actually to talk to you about this brand that I had the occasion to watch fashion shows at London Fashion Week. You can see its Spring-summer 2015 collection and … Continue reading

Paper, this elegant, artistic and chic material !

Today I wanted to explore paper through art, fashion and design. Why ? Because this material takes part of our daily life and it’s the source of contemporary issues such as the respect of our planet with the trees, recycling and so on. I just wanted to see this material under a different point of view by putting in highlight all the beautiful things you can create with it and artistic minds that I offer you to discover today. Asya Kozina’s wonderful paper outfits This Russian … Continue reading

Fashion walk in Ciutadella’s Park

Today, I offer to you sun, nature, culture and fashion walk across Ciutadella’s park, a beautiful park in the center of Barcelona. I had already presented Barcelona and its lovely patios, the area of the cathedral or Barceloneta’s area just next to the sea and the wonderful Montjuic’s park. Today it’s again in a park that I take you with the discovery of this green lung in Barcelona’s center. Ciutadella’s park is located between Barcelona’s Arc de Triomphe, Estació de Francia and Olympic Village. I … Continue reading

Distinció, a century of fashion photography

Today I would like to talk about a wonderful exhibition I had the opportunity to see at Barcelona’s design museum. Indeed, this fashion exhibition explores fashion photography from the early twentieth century to now. Indeed, photography is a major and important part of fashion: it allows to show and capture fashion and trends through era. Fashion history explained by photography     I loved the historical and artistic journey created for Distinció’s exhibition. Each room corresponded to an era and a trend which allowed you to … Continue reading

Irving Penn, the photographer of beauty

After exploring Alice Spring’s photographic work, today I would like to explore beautiful Irving Penn’s photographic work through the eye of haute-couture but also through his photography that highlight anonymous workers, fashion models and celebrity. Welcome to his aesthetic, beautiful and artistic universe… Photography fashion’s beauty  American photographer, Irving Penn worked for Vogue from 1943 with a first magazine cover which represents a still life. Irving Penn’s photography is characterized by his photographic work that always been held in studio and never outside. He was … Continue reading

Hommage to jewellery and ladies by Linder Sterling

“Collages are a great way to deconstruct how others impose their vision of the world“. Tribute to women, fashion, photography and art today with beautiful British artist Linder Sterling’s collages. These collages are a piece of art which combine Christian Dior’s models with Victoire de Castellane’s jewellery for Archi Dior’s collection. These collages blend glamour, glitter and elegance. Thus, today, let’s discover the artistic project of this punk and feminist artist, whose work fascinates me. Homage to femininity  Montages and unusual collages, the artist Linder … Continue reading

Radiant and intimate photographic art of Alice Springs

Today, let’s honor women photographer with Alice Springs. Most of you certainly know Helmut Newton, the famous fashion photographer who has worked for Vogue and Playboy. Alice Springs is actually called June Browne and she became Helmut Newton’s wife in 1948. I let you discover the photographic and artistic world of this great lady. Autodidact photographer  June Newton « fell » in photography world in 1970 when her husband, Helmut Newton, sick in bed, asked her to go to replace him for an advertising shoot Place Vendôme … Continue reading

Organic design and architecture by Alvar Aalto

Today I wanted to talk to you about an exhibition that I had the occasion to see this summer in Barcelona about the Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto. Caixa Forum invited Finland and design for this retrospective exhibition which highlighted the work of the architect and designer Alvar Aalto from 1898 to 1976. A lovely and captivating design Alvar Aalto created a design with round, dynamic and swaying shapes. It gives the impression that the object never ends: it makes one piece with the … Continue reading

Crazy construction zone for summer 2016

While fall already started with its yellow and orange leaf, I already have summer blues. What better than diving into crazy and artistic Jeremy Scott’s creation. I’ve already talked to you about Moschino’s American designer across this article regarding autumn-winter 2015 collection for men but today let’s have a look at women’s fashion for next summer to get ready ! Moschino’s woman invites to celebrate summer season with its warmth, good mood and spicy colours. Jeremy Scott’s collection, seen at Milan Fashion Week, takes us on … Continue reading

Fashion walk in Museu Frederic Marès’ patio

Today let’s have a fashion walk in the heart of Barcelona in the Gothic area which is near the cathedral. I’ve actually already written an article about Sant Jaume I area, feel free to travel to this other area too ! Here is a cultural and artistic discovery of Frederic Marès museum’s patio which is full of charm and tranquility. This patio with beautiful old stones is a haven of peace where you can listen to Spanish guitar songs from the streets surrounding beautiful Barcelona’s Cathedral. … Continue reading

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