Ethnic and traditional fashion trip by Sankuanz

sankuanz-london-collection-men-2015-mode-homme sankuanz-mode-homme-printemps-ete-2016-londres

Today let’s go for a fashion trip to the North of China with Sankuanz latest collection, seen at London Collection Men, which is actually the fashion week for men. Sankuanz has been created in 2007 by Zhe Shangguan, once he graduated from Xiamen University. In 2014, this fashion brand started to show its collection at London Collection Men thanks to GQ sponsorship. Here is an overview of the latest spring-summer 2016 collection of this original and fanciful brand that I really liked !



Traditional inspirations…


I really appreciated the ethnic and traditional touch of Sankuanz collection. It brings a lovely special fashion touch to the summer period. Zhe Shangguan took his artistic inspiration from the ethnic costumes and rituals clothes of folk religions of northern China to dress in a particular way the contemporary man. Prints of each pieces remind traditional Chinese costumes, full of bright colors and metaphors to tell the story of this magical country. Indeed, Zhe Shangguan’s prints remind me beautiful Chinese paintings with many colorful landscapes. This collection will bring small touches of color in the London streets to brighten up the summer.



… with a modern touch ! 
sankuanz-fashion-week-homme-londres-london-collection-men-juin-2015 sankuanz-marque-mode-homme-londres-printemps-ete-2016

Zhe Shangguan however did not forget London fashion with its latest Sankuanz collection. Thus, it is easy to recognize London streetwear style with its large shapes and modern synthetic fibers. Thus, traditional print mingle with the deconstruction of clothing shapes of clothing to create an original londoner style for the contemporary man. Occidental culture is reinterpreted in a modern occidental way to create an original and special contemporary clothing style. Synthetic fibers, modern technology, contemporary streetwear shapes: Zhe Shangguan has perfectly combined oriental traditional art with modern occidental fashion trends to invent and create a proactive mode of 1000 charms !

sankuanz-mode-homme-collection-ete-2015 sankuanz-mode-homme-contemporaine-londres-2015

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